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Estudio Teddy Cruz
Practice of Encroachment: From the global border to the border neighborhood

Exhibition at 29 Bleecker St, New York, NY, July 10–October 25, 2008

The PARC Foundation will present the work of Estudio Teddy Cruz at its gallery’s inaugural architectural exhibition, from Thursday, July 10, through Saturday, October 25. His research-based architectural studio, located at the San Diego-Tijuana border, has been recognized internationally in collaboration with community-based nonprofit organizations for using the neighborhood as a site of experimentation in order to research new forms of affordable housing and social density.

According to Cruz, “The need to reveal territorial and institutional conflict as an operational tool to redefine architecture practice is prompting many architects to research the conditions that can promote the intensification of social relations and public culture at the different scales of the territory, the city and the neighborhood.”